by The Woes

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(free) 06:04


released June 1, 2004




The Woes Brooklyn, New York


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Track Name: Pity
They've already cast the lots
For the weeping and the dead
The only one still waiting here is me
Moltov cocktail you drink it up
I'll wait until you pass the cup
I swallow fire water with ease
Early in the day the man came 'round
Singing "I am he"
Though I repeated every line
Not one belonged to me
Unload my sorrow to sow the plain
I'm not your friend, I'm not your man
I'm no one and there's nothing to my song

Throw a bit of blood on the boiler, my mouth is dry
We'll watch the sky spit fire, or ease into the rain
Abstract the plain of tongue
Crawl over, roll under
Boys even shit is throwing thunder
So wet the floors of the marketplace
And abstain from making friends

Give the message to the receiver
And see if it appears
Track Name: That's All, Goodnight
I wanna sing you a simple love
Oh we're howling with the moon
It followed us down to Brownsville
Your skirt hiked up, your hands on the wheel
Though I've been burned
I aint ever been down to Brownsville Girl

And if I get up it might be to drown in the rain
I've got no wish to wake this morning
Singing "Love" love
When honest love was only ever worth a dollar or two

Should I say we went out dancing
When we've never left the room
There's so much that don't come to mind
Love your by our window with the dawn


But you'll be mine till our fingers too grown thin
You'll be mine
Track Name: Song For Children's Nightmares
Lord I try my hardest to ignore
The blank eyed soul as it weighs on me
It's sleeping
With no silence in mind
Says it hurts just to walk

When the fears you've made line up to seduce you
Throw your hands out, command them
Tell them turn and walk away

I gave my life to just one thing
And the fruit that it swore to bear
There's still some clarity
Assured to the ignorant
I hold no treasure in my hands

When young girls begin howling
And the boys, they're clawing too
Set your sights on nothing
Nothing will keep its promise to you
Track Name: Blackbird
The salesman he falters
"I was brought here by fury" says he
Followed four big birds in the sky
Which led him to water
Gold wired to his tongue
Stolen from one he swore would remain unnamed,
He bathed.

Sometime before, Mary of the soft brown hair
The coal black of her eye
Oh he'd come unto her
All through the night
Alongside a crow eyed girl, possessed of slim fingers
Standing o'er the body of a lark
The one said she was a widow
Mary said "That's nothing unique"
The were children in the bushes, eyes glowing sand and sky
He crossed his fingers three times
And when asked what he'd come for he pointed at his mouth
And shook his head

O'er the body of a lark
Sand and sky
Drown dead
He bathed
Track Name: Tacoma
Lord I'm sitting here in this cage
Infected by insect and by age
Would you have me now?
Or go away?
Sand infests my Loreli
And its always so close to rain
I still have eyes
Though they be half blind
Would you have them now?
Or go away?

Tacoma through my days and Tacoma through my dreams
There's girls on bicycles on the street
Would I have them otherwise or go away?

There's cherry blossoms outside my window now
Through that early morning blue
You know I was born in hte summertime
My appetite ain't ever realized in the winter
I've been asleep for 100 shallow days
And there's a comic sin each evebing as my Madonna, she's all stained
I need a pure fire, she needs a hard rain
If I'm a pure fire
She needs a hard rain

And I don't think I will ever dream again
I wrote my bible lord, and I cast it down again
Track Name: Maureen
Maureen, she's lonely
She's standing in her doorway, holding her breath
She's been waiting on you since morning
And I don't mind if she do

She's gathered the flowers in her hair
She's been waiting on you since morning
And I don't mind if she do

There's a stranger in the sunset rolling by
She's been waiting on you since morning
And I don't mind if she do
Track Name: Most of All
Sympathy don't roll
But from the side of the mouth
The windows all point to the sea
When the sand is adorned
With the limbs and the teeth
Of the children of subjects
Not kings

Mara she's shown
With her daughters in tow
The fury of an al mighty grace
"Why not" she sighs
With her lover inside
He's been cautioned
But it ain't no use

She's got most of what he needs
Eyes as blank as the wall
She's got most of what he needs
Her guard need not testify at all

He's a herald by trade
And his offer's been made
Asked he'd lay in the gallows
Or the dirt
"I will tell no lie but let your daughters decide
If its me or the vultures you desire"

Mara she's faithful
Peeks through her window
Out where the beasts come to feed
Can't make out what she's she's shown
But by god hear her moan
"There are forces mightier than thee"

She's got most of what he needs
Eyes as blank as wall
She's got most of what he needs
Her guard need not testify at all
Track Name: Timmerman Straat
Walking through the cane
In the old man's yard
The dogs howl "man, you can feed the fire"
But the fire's good and going
And I'm not not a man
I'm a steer baby
Watch me follow
Watch me go

Now I've wasted all my time
Under this old bare tree
I've spent some time alone
And some in bad company
Though all is forgotten
Nothing is forgiven
The tide is dammed
All the saints are burning
But I'm not a saint
I'm a man baby
Watch me drown

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